We prepare real people for the real world of trading. Read what some of our clients have said about their training experiences with us.

Dow Mini Training Room
This is the place for people who desire to improve their day-trading skills in the E-mini Dow futures market.

“I can’t say enough about how happy I am with the Dow Mini Training Room. The room is organized in such a way that keeping a level head is of prime importance throughout the day. I’ve become aware of a greater need for structure in my trading, in order for me to become a full-time trader. Brad is always willing to discuss and go over a trade at length until people get it. The room is a safe place to make a mistake and not be put down for what a person is thinking or not thinking.”

Kingman, AZ

“Being in the Dow Mini Training Room has enabled me to learn from the style of a proficient day trader. Dr. Stych thinks out loud in real time, trade after trade. I can see and feel how his techniques work in varying market conditions. This has greatly reduced my learning curve for trading with the trend in the Dow Mini.”

Seattle, WA

“Recently, I made the decision to become a trader. When I participated in the Dow Mini Training Room, Brad customized the training to suit my experience level in the market and gave me the structure that I needed to become a profitable day trader. The sessions with Brad far exceeded my expectations and provided me with the necessary confidence to begin my trading career.”

Madison, WI

“I have learned so much from our sessions and have notes to help me recall what we talked about. I want to thank you for everything. It has been a wonderful experience.”

Modesto, CA

“I think the service offered here is a golden opportunity for any aspiring trader to learn from a real pro. Brad genuinely cares about his clients, and always seems to go the extra mile to make sure that everyone in the group grasps the concepts he presents. But to me, the very best part of all is that he has an exceptional talent for sharing his thoughts ‘out loud.’ He presents his ideas and actions so clearly and distinctly that I feel like I’m sitting right next to him in his office, rather than in a virtual trading room.”

Memphis, TN

“The education in the Dow Mini Training Room has truly altered my perspective on trading for the better. There is no substitute for watching a talented trader explain and execute real-time trades as he teaches you many nuances of day trading which are difficult, if not impossible, to convey on the written page or in a DVD.”

Kennewick, WA

Essential Concepts for Trading Course
Our online course is designed for people who have never traded before or who possess minimal trading experience.

“As one who knew nothing about trading before taking the course, I have been greatly helped by the clear and insightful lessons. There are no flashy formulas or programs. You actually learn how to identify good trades based on solid technical analysis. I heartily recommend the course to anyone who wants to learn to trade and be successful.”

Ashton, IL

“I have been interested in the stock market since I was a preteen, but never had the opportunity to learn until I spoke with Brad. I was aware of long-term trading, but knew nothing about intraday trading. After taking the course, I felt more enlightened and know that I am on the right track toward liberating myself from multiple jobs which keep me away from spending evenings with the kids. This course is concise and very practical for a serious learner. I would definitely recommend this course to those who aspire to learn how to trade and want to take the necessary steps to make it a reality.”

Madison, WI

“If you have tried trading without long-term success, do yourself a favor…stop trading and take the course. I speak from experience. Brad will help you to understand technical analysis in a practical way. He trades regularly, which is vital for me. I want a teacher who can actually do what he is teaching me to do. He is patient, but persistent; kind, but direct. When you finish the course, your notebook will be full of excellent material which will help you identify trends and profitable entry and exit points. I can’t say enough good about the course. I highly recommend it.”

Dixon, IL

“Brad is able to take the very complex and make it understandable. Prior to taking Essential Concepts for Trading, I had a vague idea of what trading was about. I was skeptical about my ability to comprehend it and do it. Now that I have completed the course, I am excited about trading and eager to learn more.”

Fitchburg, WI

“The course was very well layed out and easy to follow. I enjoyed it and learned a lot about trading.  A good grasp of your PC is needed to get the most value from the course.”

Black Earth, WI

“For several years, I thought about learning to trade but never got the opportunity until recently. Essential Concepts for Trading was a life transforming experience for me. Brad began by creating awareness that a gambling mindset is dangerous and then emphasized that minimizing risk in trading is most important. I learned how to read charts by identifying the beginning of a trend and learning to tell the difference between continuation and reversal. I saw the importance of momentum and was exposed to a trading method that I used successfully in simulation. Overall, this course gave me enough technical tools to analyze the markets with some degree of confidence.”

Madison, WI

“I thought the course was fantastic. It was full of ‘essential’ information for learning to trade effectively. The tools provided in the course were explained clearly and concisely enough for anyone to grasp. I have recommended this course to others already trading and to people interested in learning how to trade for the first time.”

Carpentersville, IL

“Essential Concepts for Trading is a great first course for learning about trading in the markets. The course is well organized and emphasizes the importance of learning the fundamentals of trading. Brad is very diligent and passionate about teaching the material in a format that encourages interaction and develops understanding of how trading works. I highly recommend the course to anyone who is interested in learning to trade.”

Madison, WI

“Brad faced his greatest challenge taking me on as a student. I knew almost nothing about the stock market, but I was willing to learn. When the class was finished, I felt that I had a great understanding of what the markets were about and where I wanted to go.”

Verona, WI

Experienced traders who desire individualized assistance receive instruction tailored to their needs.

“Working with Brad was one of the best steps I ever took as a trader. He was instrumental in setting me straight about many ideas I’d accumulated about the markets and the nature of trading itself. With his guidance, I’ve been able to make excellent progress toward my goals as a professional trader. If you’re a trader who has stagnated or is not growing in the right direction, his mentoring is of the highest standard and will most certainly benefit you in key areas of your trading. Without question, his help was the most important and valuable in my trading career.”

Madison, WI

“I strongly recommend Brightstar’s services for anyone who is seeking financial freedom as a trader. A few weeks of training gave me more insight and tools for trading the market than the previous three years of learning on my own. Brad’s guidance was instrumental in removing the conceptual ‘fog’ in my head and helping me develop good trading habits. This is a unique opportunity to learn from a skilled educator and trader. Thank you kindly, Brad! Two thumbs up!!!”

San Juan Bautista, CA

“At one point in time, I realized that my trading abilities had reached their limit. Trading had became a chore, rather than a joyful experience. Brad provided fresh direction and gave me renewed confidence that my goals were achievable. Whether you’re a beginner or someone who has traded for years, Brad’s mentoring (both technical and psychological) is simply too valuable to pass up.”

Madison, WI

“During the past two years, I’ve progressed from someone who knew very little about the stock market to someone who is able to swing trade from a funded account. I’ve learned how to trade using technical analysis and how to control risk at the same time. I highly recommend Brad as a mentor, if you want to increase your knowledge of technical trading. My experience with him has been both financially rewarding and very enjoyable.”

Fitchburg, WI

Public Presentations
Presentations are structured as informal talks, guest lectures, or interactive class sessions and tailored to meet group needs.

“As the instructor of a college-level investments course, I had the privilege of Brad’s involvement as a guest lecturer. He provided an exciting program filled with insight and knowledge. With his background as an educator, he was able to share his trading experience in a very effective and interesting manner. I would recommend him for anyone seeking to gain knowledge of the field.”

BUS 412 Investments Course
Edgewood College
Madison, WI

“Brad led four instructional sessions with our Commodity Trading Group that included lecture, discussion, and application. Students in the group are majors in Agribusiness Management and interested in learning technical analysis. Brad carefully designed the sessions to fit well with student backgrounds and skill levels. He is a good teacher and we learned a lot from him. Thanks, Brad.”

Commodity Trading Group
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI

“Over the past 10 years, our investment club has analyzed stocks and sought new investments, but we never developed an effective exit strategy. Brad personalized his presentation based on our holdings and taught us how to evaluate stocks so we know when to sell. Each of us received a multi-page handout which will become a key reference tool going forward. This is exactly what we needed to be stronger and wiser investors. The presentation was extremely practical and we’re very excited to apply our new skills.”

Madtown Ladies Investment Club
Fitchburg, WI