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*October S&P 500 Analysis and Forecast (video)
The current video along with previous videos are available for viewing.

New eLearning Opportunities

Trading 101 is designed for people who don’t know much about trading, but would like to learn more. A $10 (25%) discount with code TRADER 10 is available at checkout.

YM Methods I and YM Methods II are modular courses that provide support for day traders of the E-mini Dow futures market who have purchased our Dow Mini trading book (2021) or enrolled in a Dow Mini Training Room educational service. Extensive video, notes, and references included. Discounts available.

Book Featured in Publications

Day Trading the Dow Mini: A Practical Guide for Market Participation (Third Edition) by Brad E. Stych…
…appeared in the Books for Traders section of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities (January 2022 issue).
…was reviewed by Jim Erdmier CMT in Technically Speaking, a publication of the Chartered Market Technicians Association (January 2022 issue).