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*May S&P 500 Analysis and Forecast (video)
The current video along with previous videos are available for viewing.

*Markets Don’t Kill, Stupidity Does (article)
In 1940, renowned speculator Jesse Livermore (1877-1940) published his only book on stock trading. The very first sentence in the book candidly reminds us that trading is a very tantalizing endeavor, but one that can empty bank accounts if market participants do not know what they are doing. Livermore’s words reverberate powerfully in the story of one new trader who was never able to fulfill his potential.

*Straight Talk about Money, Inflation, Interest Rates, and Stocks (article)
In daily life, money is something that we earn, save, and spend. Nothing new there. Did you know, however, that the flow of money through the economy significantly impacts the cost of goods and services, interest rates, and market performance (aka your retirement money)?

*Why the Yield Curve Matters (article)
Many people view interest rates as avenues for making or losing money. Seldom do they realize that these same rates are a powerful indicator of future economic conditions that will impact their lives in a much larger way.

*Benefits of Volatility (article)
This article debunks the common notion that volatility is a bad thing for traders and shows how the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) can be used to identify market turns in the S&P 500 Index.

Book Featured in Publications

Day Trading the Dow Mini: A Practical Guide for Market Participation (Third Edition) by Brad E. Stych…
…appeared in the Books for Traders section of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities (January 2022 issue).
…was reviewed by Jim Erdmier CMT in Technically Speaking, a publication of the Chartered Market Technicians Association (January 2022 issue).