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Day Trading the Dow Mini:
A Practical Guide for Market Participation (Third Edition)

by Brad E. Stych

Print: US letter size (8.5 x 11 in.), BW
Cover: Glossy Hardcover
Page Count: 462
ISBN: 978-0-9889499-5-9
Release: October 4, 2021

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More about the Book

Designed for Learning


  • The book can remain open on a flat surface without assistance.
  • 60 lb. paper invites worry-free placement of notes on pages.
  • Larger fonts and charts make for easy reading.
  • Chapters are organized in a graduated manner to help traders progress from beginning to advanced levels.
  • Conceptual background and practical application are integrated for meaningful implementation in trading.
  • A review section appears at the end of every chapter to reinforce important ideas.
  • Trading manual and textbook are combined into one resource for use by market participants and educators in various locales.
  • Guidance is provided in HOW to learn as well as WHAT to learn.

Packed With Content


  • Presents 18 methods for day trading the Dow Mini.
  • Discusses profit multiplication through capitalization, position sizing, and compounding.
  • Offers innovative techniques for trading familiar patterns.
  • Shows how to make money in extreme market conditions.
  • Provides helpful guidance for traders who may have only one or two hours per day to trade.
  • Emphasizes the importance of practice through proper preparation and procedure.
  • Illustrates the usefulness of book content with numerous charts and examples of trading opportunities.
  • Includes brief accounts of trader experiences to highlight the challenges and rewards that come from market participation.

Reader Comments

I have been trading for over 30 years. Brad Stych has compiled a great book to educate traders on how to navigate trading. I highly recommend it.

K.H., Idaho Falls, ID

The book is comprehensive and uses the author’s day trading experience to guide the reader. His personal stories and those of students and other traders remind us that profitable day trading requires both skill and a patient attitude. It is more than just the mechanics of chart reading. I enjoyed the book.

J.H., Lago Vista, TX

Your book is wonderfully comprehensive and well-written!

J.V., Kirkland, WA

I have the previous two editions of Dr. Stych’s book and used them, along with his mentoring, to earn significant returns throughout the pandemic. This latest edition goes “above and beyond” to articulate the process of profitable trading at a level of granularity that is actionable.

B.T., Woodstock, IL

Brad Stych is a Master Teacher. His deep knowledge of technical analysis, trading experience, and exceptional educational skills have produced a book that anyone who wishes to trade Dow Mini futures must read and consult on a regular basis. The book moves from foundations to concepts to methods to trading programs to advanced day trading. Brad explains the nuances of the most profitable indicators including geometric and harmonic patterns for advanced day trading. But start by reading the last section that highlights the book’s guiding principle—how traders learn to trade is as important as what they learn. Brad’s model for skill development will elevate your trading performance.

G.S., Scottsdale, AZ


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