Advanced Short-Term Trading

In this 12-week companion course to Essential Concepts for Trading, we help you analyze stocks and execute short-term trades in a proficient manner. (A short-term trade is accomplished with a daily price chart and usually lasts from one to five days.) Techniques for creating charts, scanning markets, and structuring trades are explored. Simulation trading is emphasized as an important means of applying course content and developing good habits for market participation.


At the end of the course, you should be better able to:
(1) apply technical analysis to stocks with increased understanding.
(2) find potential trades in a time-efficient manner.
(3) execute trades with various methods.
(4) manage risk with greater versatility.
(5) identify laws, regulations, and tax-reporting requirements.

Instructional Approach

A weekly online session of approximately 30-90 minutes will be provided. Charting and scanning tools offered through serve as a backdrop for application of our trading methods and risk-management approaches. We supply proprietary code for scanning markets and finding winning trades in a time-efficient manner.

Simulation trades are made through the use of current price data, but without a funded brokerage account. Although the exact number of trades is dependent upon market conditions, you are encouraged to initiate at least 30 trades during the course. A journal template will be provided for records (numerical information related to each trade) and reflections (thoughts about the selection and execution of each trade).

At the end of 12 weeks, you should be able to make an informed decision about whether to practice further or trade with a funded account.


This course is intended for Brightstar clients who successfully completed our Essential Concepts for Trading course or individuals who possess some inter-day trading experience. To access relevant trading tools for learning, a separate subscription to is required (“Extra” service level; one-month free trial, $24.95/month thereafter). The subscription arrangement is made directly with the company whenever you choose to sign up for their “Extra” service level.

Snagit software is available for a modest price at Purchase of a text is also required for those who did not take the Essential Concepts course or do not possess the new edition of the book.

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COURSE FEE     $1699 USD

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