Dow Mini Training Room

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If you want to develop strong day trading skills in the E-mini Dow futures market, our Dow Mini Training Room is the place for you. Here, you do not have to transfer chart settings from other markets or wonder whether the concepts and methods presented will perform well.

For maximum benefit, a basic understanding of technical analysis and some familiarity with day trading are needed. Since the material in our book serves as a foundation for training, we require that you purchase the THIRD EDITION of Day Trading the Dow Mini: A Practical Guide for Market Participation (2021) prior to registration for our training services below. You should also have a charting service and data feed that is conducive to learning about E-Mini Dow day trading.

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Dow Mini Group Instruction

“Watch and Learn”

Description: Explore the E-mini Dow futures market by observing price activity and listening to timely commentary. Opportunities for trading are identified in conjunction with book content. Instructor emphasis is placed upon developing a risk-conscious outlook, interpreting price charts correctly, and responding to potential trades through use of our concepts and methods.
Format: Zoom webinar, large group
Participants remain anonymous. Questions may be submitted via text chat.
Schedule: Tuesdays, 8:00–10:30 a.m. CT
Prerequisite: Book
Current Plan at a Bargain Price:
$120 USD (4 weeks, 10 hrs @ $12 per hour)
Registration: Closed

Dow Mini Individual Mentoring

“Engage and Achieve”

Description: Increase your day trading skills through application of book content, Dow Mini modular courses, and added material provided by the instructor. Session schedule, objectives, and tasks for learning are tailored to client needs and established by agreement.
Format: Zoom webinar, individual client
Substantial dialogue and trade journal are used.
Schedule: Wednesdays & Thursdays, 7:30–10:30 a.m. CT, April 5, 2023–June 22, 2023 (12 weeks, 72 hours of training)
Prerequisites: Book, Dow Mini modular courses, and instructor permission
Fee: Variable, depending upon the parameters of training and longevity of client commitment
Registration: Closed

Strongly Recommended

As a meaningful supplement to Dow Mini Training, purchase of our modular courses is encouraged. YM Methods I and YM Methods II contain video commentary, notes, and references that heighten understanding of the 10 fundamental trading methods in the first section of our book. Access to these modular courses is substantially discounted for training room participants. You will receive discount codes once you pay for a service.

FREE Charting Templates for Ensign Software Users

Templates are available for users of Ensign Charting Software. Standard templates contain chart settings described in our day trading book and may be adjusted according to preference. Premium templates contain added features without access to chart settings. Data feeds for Ensign are available through vendors and brokers listed on the Ensign website. Contact the company for specific information about data providers for E-mini Dow futures.


To register for services in our Dow Mini Training Room, please begin by selecting your desired training service. Then, provide the information requested. Once your registration is approved, we will send you a payment link.

Dow Mini Services Registration

Please purchase the book before registering for a service in the Dow Mini Training Room.