Company Profile

Brightstar Training, LLC provides educational products and services for people who trade in the financial markets. Through selected avenues of individual and group instruction, we assist market participants to develop money-making skills in technical analysis and trade execution.

Located in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, the company interacts with traders by means of online promotion, publication of materials, and personal contact.



Brad E. Stych, PhD, CMT®, CFTe®, is a professional adult educator­­­, experienced trader, and author. He holds a doctoral degree in continuing and vocational education (adult education) and certifications as a Chartered Market Technician and Certified Financial Technician.

During his lifetime, he has trained athletes, musicians, educators, healthcare workers, and economics students. Instructional settings have included business, higher education, state government, and church. His passion for adult life, advanced training in adult education, and extensive teaching experience enable him to educate adults effectively on an individual level and in a group environment.

Brad began trading in 1995. As the son of an accountant, he came to the markets with a knack for numbers and sought to acquire advanced skills in technical analysis. Over time, he has applied these skills to stocks, stock options, and stock index futures in both analytic and trading capacities.

In 2006, he founded Brightstar Training, LLC to provide educational services for traders. Market participants from around the world have sought help from the company. They have included day traders, swing traders, and position traders with interests in stocks and futures.

He has served as a book editor, peer reviewer, and author of professional journal articles on selected aspects of adult education. Prior to the most recent edition of Day Trading the Dow Mini: A Practical Guide for Market Participation (2021), the book was initially released in 2013. A revised edition appeared in 2015.

Brightstar Advantage

The trading community is filled with self-proclaimed teachers and coaches. Many of them display a limited understanding of technical analysis by incorrectly discussing market concepts in an oversimplified manner or presenting indicators in strictly traditional ways. Others offer an incomplete picture of market participation by simply explaining how they trade. As a result, learner personalities, trading histories, styles of trading, and financial objectives are generally ignored.

At Brightstar Training, LLC, we know that specific types of instruction are critical for trader growth. We offer expert guidance in skill development based upon time-tested concepts of market analysis and innovative procedures for trading. Even more, we help clients to examine themselves within the context of their own market histories so that they can overcome barriers such as fear, impulsiveness, and information overload, as well as select trading approaches that work best for them.

We take a special interest in those who desire to supplement their current income with market profits, transition into trading as an alternative career, or prepare for retirement by learning to trade. Our central goal is to provide practical instruction that focuses on important aspects of trading while assisting clients to maximize their strengths and develop good trading habits for the future.


Our company logo conveys a distinctive message about us.

The design is bold. It is reflective of people who want to be traders. The color transition from blue to red illustrates the positive change that occurs from learning. Dreams become reality and profitability increases. The black lettering emphasizes that Brightstar is a training business aimed at helping traders become successful—a point which is highlighted in our tag line, “Equipping Traders for Market Success.”

More details about Brightstar Training, LLC are available on our Founder Interview page.